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Multiple post draw (merge posts)

You can make draw with more than one post.


If you don't like the results, you can re-contest again without that results.

Share your results as post

Share your giveaway results on your page with one click.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can i combine two post in one giveaway?
    Yes you can. When you create giveaway you can add multiple posts. Also you can add multiple users to check if the winners follows the users
  2. Why do i need to login with my instagram account?
    You need to collect datas (likes and comments), and you need to check winner conditions if following, if likes the psot and etc.. So you need to login to your instagram account. But you do not have to login with your main account. You can use different, new oppened account(s)
  3. Can i repeat the contest?
    Yes you can repeat your contest.
    Repeats are free, no charge.
  4. Can i add multiple unlimited contests at same time
    Yes you can, it is unlimited
  5. How much coins do i need to pay per giveaway?
    1 coin per one giveaway. combine giveaways are counted with post count. Ex: if you have two posts in one giveaway. you wil be charged 2 coins

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